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My Beautiful Novelette(s)

Jon_Ambur_Evie1-259x300Short Fiction

Only recently did I learn that the length of most of my stories makes them “novelettes.” Arbiters on these matters say that a story longer than 7,500 words is a novelette. After you hit 17,000 words it’s a novella; a novel clocks in at 40,000 words and above.

For most readers this is TMI, but we live in a Seinfeldian universe of obsessive labeling. “Novelette” provides the opportunity to rebrand longer short stories as ultra-short novels. (And that’s good, right?) Here’s a sampling.

The Send-Away Girl

Back in the day, a young working women learns of the tremendous price she must pay for autonomy—over and over again. Read story in Agni

Life? or Theatre?

There is a critical moment for all children of disadvantage, especially those without an adult to lean on. This story visits that moment when coping mechanisms become a prison—and a choice must be made. Read story


Would you die for your art?” is a question we’ve heard before. But how far would you go to retain your art? Would you die? Would you marry a big fat man? Read story


Henry James said that “a good ghost story . . . must be connected at a hundred points with the common objects of life.” This story questions what really haunts us after a loss—a ghost or what the poet conjures to reconcile the pain. Read story